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Meet Al and Stefen

Good guys And even better homebuilders

In every way, Al and Stefen know that Nature’s Cove is a project they have to hit out of the ballpark. Not just because that’s the kind of developers they are, or because the community deserves nothing less, but because they’re destined to drive by this building hundreds of times on their way to paddle up the Arm, blast down CBC, or skin up the back of Seymour on a crisp winter day. For those reasons and so many more, it’s got to be great.

At the foot of Fell Street along North Vancouver’s waterfront is Harbourview Projects, a successful, growing property development company founded by North Shore locals Al Saunders and Stefen Elmitt. In business since 1999, Harbourview focuses solely on creating commercial and residential spaces on the North Shore – ones that respect the sensitive environment they’re in, and that add to the character of this special, mountainous place.

As with any solid team, Al and Stefen are similar enough to share a vision while also complementing each other’s personal strengths and professional talents. Al is the team’s creative force, the visionary with a 20-year career in real estate development and marketing; Stefen is the numbers guy, fastidious and detail oriented, with two decades in construction and project management. Together, they’ve shaped the most desirable pockets on the North Shore, including projects at Chairlift Ridge at the top of Cypress, Dundarave Mews near the West Van waterfront, and The Crescent at Edgemont Village.

Their newest venture takes them to the edge of North Van, to a little enclave Al and Stefen know by heart – the Mount Seymour area. Here, the fit between team and project couldn’t be better. The excellent location. The laid-back locals. The enthusiasm for outdoor activity of every kind. It’s the kind of project that lit a fire under Al and Stefen to create something that both locals and wannabes would love, a place that does justice to one of the sweetest, sportiest, quirkiest neighbourhoods in Metro Vancouver.

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