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Finally, new homes for the Seymour area

Buying a residence in this area had its challenges
But not anymore

New, single-family homes here are beyond the reach of most people; and nearby apartments in the Seymour/Deep Cove area are either decades old or built on leased land. What’s missing are new, modern, freehold homes that real people can comfortably afford. That’s why local developers, Al Saunders and Stefen Elmitt from Harbourview Projects, are building Nature’s Cove – 23 well-priced one- and two-bedroom residences that are every bit as attractive and resilient as the nature that surrounds them.

Exterior Design

With an exterior façade of timber, cedar shakes and ledge stone straight from the Squamish Valley, Nature’s Cove will set a benchmark for modern West Coast design in the area. The building will not only blend into its rugged surroundings, it will do so in a sensibly sustainable way, meeting UBC’s REAP Silver standards for green building.

New Homes Seymour Area